Park and Street lighting

Correctly organized outdoor lighting of streets and roads, highways, functional zones of airports and stations, as well as pedestrian areas of urban areas, ensures the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians in the dark.

With high-quality street lighting, the number of road accidents is reduced, crime is reduced, visual comfort and psychological atmosphere are improving, and economic activity is reviving.

For outdoor lighting of roads and streets, various types of supports and luminaires are offered, depending on the functional and aesthetic characteristics. Using their own original designs allows you to harmoniously combine the supports of street lighting with the surrounding architecture and, at the same time, to give it an identity and uniqueness.

During the design process, the necessary calculations are made for the illumination of streets in order to determine the optimum number of luminaires and their location in accordance with the norms and wishes of the customer.

Water-green boulevard, Astana
Mangilik El st., Astana
Mangilik El st., Astana
Mangilik El st., Astana
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